CEM II/B-M (P-S) 32,5R, Mixed Portland cement TREND

Mixed portland cement, strenght level 32,5R, according to standard HRN EN 197-1:2012 (EN 197-1:2011)
  • It is intended to make concrete and mortar for construction works carried out in prescribed conditions of construction for reinforced and unreinforced concrete elements of lower strength. It is largely applied in construction of family buildings where it fully meets requirements for constuction of basis and glazings, foundations, bearing and non-bearing concrete constructions. It is used in road construction for making stabilization layers.
  • in bulk
  • in 25 kg bags on a 1.6 t pallet (64 bags on a pallet)
  • in 40 kg bags on a 1.6 t pallet (40 bags on a pallet).

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