Change of company's corporate name from Našicecement d.d. to NEXE d.d.

At the General Assemblies of companies Nexe grupa d.d. and Našicecement d.d., that were held yesterday,  company's annual reports, consolidated annual financial report of Nexe grupa for 2019, decision on the use of profit, auditor appointment for 2020 were adopted and  the Management Board and the Supervisory Board were acquitted of further duty to manage and supervise companies management in 2019.

2019 was a very successful business year for Nexe Grupa with consolidated sales revenue of HRK 1.031 billion or 7.6% increase compared to 2018. Realized EBITDA was HRK 208 million or 18% more compared to  EBITDA in 2018.

One of most important decisions of the General Assembly of Našicecement d.d., the biggest member company in Nexe Grupa, is the decision on  amendments to the Articles of Association which changes the name of the company from previous Našicecement d.d. to NEXE d.d.

Nexe Grupa is a regional producer of construction materials with already well-known and market-positioned Nexe brands including- Nexe cement and Nexe concrete- two key products of cement factory from Našice. Decision to  change the name of the company will further strengthen  the awareness of Nexe brand.

NEXE d.d. , even under the new name, continues to implement a number of projects aimed at reducing maintenance costs, increasing the share  of alternative fuels and reducing energy costs, while  concern for the environment and air quality remain at the top of the list of priorities.