Concrete inspection pits ø 1200 mm for concrete tubes according to standard HRN U.N1.050, HRN U.N1.051 and HRN U.N1.052

  • base of inspection pit KBS ø 1200 and KBS ø 800, product that can be produced in several versions depending on request
  • as flow pit (one inlet-one outlet) and as cascade pit (inlet-outlet on different levels), with possibility of several inlets and outlets, and construction of low water channel depending on request of project or ordering party
  • inlets and outlets of base are made with installed rubber seal or PVC joints
  • inspection pit is constructed with concrete rings of same diameter, 250, 500 or 1000 mm high with installed ladder
  • joint between base and ring is sealed by rubber sealing
  • inspection pit bases KBS 200 and KBS 800 are used for making of sewerage systems that demand water permeability of sewerage system.
  • products to offer: base of inspection pit with installed sealing KBS ø 1200 mm (3288 kg)
  • base of inspection pit with installed sealing KBS ø 800x800 mm (1900 kg)
  • tube extension (joint „feather-feather“
  • extensions with following diameters: ø 300/600 mm (101 kg), ø 400/600 mm (140 kg), ø 500/600 mm (200 kg), ø 600/600 mm (280 kg), ø 800/600 mm (480 kg)
  • concrete rings with installed ladders (rings with following diameters: ø 1200/250 mm (340 kg), ø 1200/500 mm (700 kg), ø 1200/1000 mm (1380 kg), ø 800/1000 mm (840 kg), ø 800/500 mm (440 kg), ø 800/250 mm (240 kg)
  • concrete pit ending with ladders KBSZ conic (888 kg), R-KBS 1500 mm (760 kg) and 1180 KBS (260 kg)

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