Concrete tubes type „B“ (1000 mm) HRN U.N1.050

  • concrete sewerage tubes type B are round tubes without foothill and with feather connection and 1000 mm long slot
  • they are made of concrete from natural and grinded aggregate of 0-4 mm granulation, 4-8 mm natural stone aggregate and 8-16 mm natural stone aggregate
  • concrete must be homogeneous
  • tubes must be flat and smooth inside and outside
  • they may not be cracked nor contain segregated concrete and must be watertight
  • tubes do not have installed rubber seals so that connections do not test waterpermeability
  • concrete sewerage tubes type B are used for construction of sewerage systems which do not require waterpermeability of sewerage system connections.
  • product range includes tubes of following diameters: B ø 200/1000 mm, B ø 300/1000 mm, B ø 400/1000 mm, B ø 500/1000 mm, B ø 600/1000 mm, B ø 800/1000 mm, B ø 1000/1000 mm, B ø 1200/1000 mm, B ø 500/2000 mm

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