• decoration
  • Cubismo elements have regular square or trapeze shapes
  • Elements include five single shapes that enable numerous combinations
  • Therefore, broad product range of Cubismo group is divided in four combinations: combination of square and trapeze, honeycomb structure, combination of rectangular elements and combination of trapeze elements
  • It is produced in three basic (natural-grey, black and red) and two other colors (yellow, green)
  • There are two lines to offer, classic – with smooth surface and elegance – with dark colors and slightly rough surface
  • Weight (kg/pcs): big square 6,40, small square 1,62, big trapeze 4,75, small trapeze 1,95, rectangle 3,20
  • Consumption: big square 25 pcs/m2, small square 100 pcs/m2, big trapeze 34 pcs/m2, small trapeze 87 pcs/m2, rectangle 50 pcs/m2
  • Packing: big square 240 pcs/pallet, small square 960 pcs/pallet, big trapeze 288 pcs/pallet, small trapeze 720 pcs/pallet, rectangle 480 pcs/pallet

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