Dilj d.o.o. Vinkovci

Dilj d.o.o Vinkovci was founded in 1922 and produces roof tiles. It is a customer oriented  company with long tradition and continuity that tries to fulfil customer's expectations in terms of quality and price of products. At the end of 2009 company Dilj d.o.o. Vinkovci opened a new large size roof tile factory (Slavonka). This HRK 200 million worth investments increased production capacity.   

DILJ industrija građevinskog materijala d.o.o. Vinkovci, Ciglarska 33, 32100 Vinkovci, Croatia 
Court of registration: Commercial court in Osijek, Company registration number: 030003092, registration number: 03300005, PIN: 60248788788
Company and seat where accounts are kept: 
Sberbank d.d., Varšavska 9, 10000 Zagreb, IBAN: HR5125030071111001693
Zagrebačka banka d.d., Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb, IBAN: HR1023600001101231005
Company's share capital: HRK 170.000.000,00 (paid completely)
Director: Dražen Ivezić
Members of Supervisory board: Ivan Ergović (president), Stjepan Ergović, Josip Ergović

For more information please visit: nexe-crijep.hr