Donations and sponsorships

According to its Quality policy Nexe Grupa is obliged to operate in line with principles of socially responsible operations, which among other include voluntary concern about society or local community where Nexe Grupa operates.

One aspect of such operations are donations and sponsorships, especially support to local community projects. Such policy is aimed at raising living quality of people in the community, investing in sport development, preserving cultural heritage of local community and so on.   

Nexe Grupa has supported series of projects in communities where Nexe Grupa operates. We would like to mention long term investments in handball in Našice through Handball club Nexe. Handball club Nexe is current vicechampion of Croatia and participant in regional SEHA league. Dating back to 1974 Handball school in Našice has great importance with almost 200 participants or young boys and 7 coaches.