Factory day and 40 years of cement production in Našice

Today, on 16 April 2020 Našicecement d.d. Našice - the biggest company in business system of regional construction material producer  Nexe Grupa  -  marks factory day and 40 years of cement production in Našice.  
Today, 40 years ago first  cement was grinded in cement factory in Našice and 105.999 t of cement were produced by the end of the same year. Years of technological advancement and modernization of factory followed, which today became the backbone of Nexe Grupa and second largest cement producer in Croatia with annual production capacity of 1.1 million t of cement and Namal- ten times  the capacity compared to the start of production.
Today,  Nexe cement is present on both domestic and export markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Romania with 6 types of portland cement and masonry cement Namal. Export share in total sales is 60%. The company produces and sells ready-mix concrete in concrete plants in Zagreb, Sisak, Našice, Osijek and  Vinkovci. If we add  Nexe concrete plants in Serbia (one in Novi Sad and two in Belgrade) and two concrete plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo and Tuzla) then in 2019 Nexe concrete delivered the total of over half a million tonnes of concrete, of which more than half the quantities were delivered in Croatia.  
Today, Našicecement d.d. company employs almost 430 workers.  
Since 1980 the factory has made  substantial investments, almost HRK 115 million in the last five years alone.  
Since 2018 a plant for use of alternative fuels has been in operation  in Našicecement d.d.  (RDF - Refuse Derived Fuel; SRF- Solid Recovered Fuel) and thus contributed to environment protection and waste management system in Croatia in terms of reduced share of used fossil fuels, reduced waste quantities which must be disposed of on landfills or exported for processing, reduced greenhouse gases emissions. In addition to usual overhaul works at the beginning of the year, Našicecement carried out reconstruction of output line of heat exchanger by increasing its diameter and by installation of new frequency converter of kiln ventilator and thus additionally increased energy efficiency of the plant and  share of  alternative fuels and reduced energy costs. 
2019 saw investments in new cement bagging line. Apart from  increased capacity, new packing line enables ultrasound closing of the bags what makes Našicecement d.d. the first factory in the region that has a packing line which minimizes cement spilling during palletization, i.e. loading and unloading and during handling in general. This enables cleaner working environment and overall better eco-friendliness of such packaging.  In addition, with the specifics of production process, only Nexe cement provides its customers with durability of its bagged products in period of 12 months,  which is up to three times more than the competition.
Care of enviroment and impact on air quality are among the most important determinants of Našicecement's business. Despite significant changes in operation that the factory has undergone in recent years, the goal of maintaining high air quality has been achieved.  Evidence of dedicated  work and investment in modernizing the business are results of Zoljan air quality monitoring station which show the air of  first category .  
Našicecement d.d. demonstrates its commitment to business operations according to principles of sustainable development through continuous maintenance of management system certificates according to standard ISO 9001:2015 (quality), ISO 14001:2015 (environment), OHSAS 18001:2007 (work health and safety) and  ISO 50001:2011 (energy).
Našicecement d.d. is an active stakeholder in community in which it operates and through various forms of donations and sponsorships in 2019   it supported projects worth HRK 7.8 million.
In current challenging business environment Našicecement d.d. introduced a number of measures to protect the health and safety of its employees and business partners, while ensuring the smooth running of production, dispatch of products and other business processes within the company.