Health and safety

Organization and implementation of health and safety in Nexe Grupa is based on mission, vision and strategy of the group. Nexe Grupa's commited to permanently improve working conditions in order to prevent occurance of accidents at work (injuries, illness, death). Therefore, members of Nexe Grupa arrange and implement health and safety at work in line with legal requirements and European directives and apply health and safety regulations and measures according to following principles: 
  • determing dangers, damages and efforts at place of work and assessment of risk;
  • education and training of employees;
  • sustainable maintenance and checking if work tools are correct;
  • application of contemporary technical and technological solutions in order to achieve optimal conditions at place of work; 
  • communication and consultancy of employees regarding implementation of work health and safety; 
  • supervision of implementation of health and safety measures and regulations; 
  • investigation of accidents.