IGMA d.o.o. Koprivnica develops new production technology

Koprivnica, 9 February  2021 – Company  IGMA d.o.o Koprivnica, a member of  NEXE Grupa has developed new technology for production of prefabricated platform elements from cast concrete. The need for development of products which require new technologies has occured  due to investment projects regarding construction and reconstruction of railway infrastructure in Republic of Croatia.  Let us remind you that in this European Year of Rail, the Government of Croatia continues  with reconstruction and construction of transport  infrastructure throughout Croatia. New products have thus already been installed in reconstruction projects in Stupnik,   Blinjski Kut and Laslovo – Korođ and are currently being produced for railway reconstruction projects Virovitica – Pitomača, Zaprešić – Zabok and railway station reconstruction project  Sesvetska Sopnica.
"This order triggered a number of new challenges we had to face. In collaboration with technologists and construction and mechanical engineers, we have designed a way and technology for production of platform elements from cast  concrete. Improvements are evident in comparison to classic shaping of concrete elements by vibro-pressing,  earth wet concrete, that we have used in production so far. Structure of cast concrete is uniform, reinforcement protection is improved because concrete is without or with minimum micro-pores.   With concrete admixtures we achieve high water absorption resistance and resistance to frost and salt", said Karlo Šisl, director of IGMA d.o.o. Koprivnica.
Prefabricated platform elements from cast concrete are produced in accordance with provisions of standard HRN EN 15258:2008 according to  2+ system for retaining walls. This product has a Factory Inspection Certificate, Declaration of Performance and is under constant certification supervision.
IGMA d.o.o. Koprivnica has been in business system of  Nexe Grupa since February  2006. In these 14 years  IGMA d.o.o.  saw investments to the amount of HRK  60.5 million. In  2008 IGMA d.o.o. was certified according to standard  ISO 9001. This confirms focus on continuous process improvement, product quality and customer's satisfaction.