Nexe grupa d.d. Našice

Nexe grupa d.d. Našice, Vinogradska 6, 31500 Našice, Croatia
Court of registration: Commercial court in Osijek, Company number: 030057478, PIN: 46078374806, Registration number: 01339761
Company and seat where accounts are held: Sberbank d.d., Varšavska 9, 10000 Zagreb, IBAN: HR9525030071111001677
Company's share capital: HRK 94.637.800,00 paid entirely
Total number of issued shares:  9.463.780 shares
Nominal value of share: HRK 10,00 
Share tag: NEXE-R-A
Members of the Board: Ivan Ergović (President of the Board), Dražen Ivezić (Deputy President of the Board), Stjepan Ergović, Josip Ergović, Ivan Ergović, Ivana Čehulić
Members of the Supervisory Board: Željko Lukač (president), Oto Ostović (deputy president) and Oleg Uskoković