Reinforced concrete cover for type „B“

  • reinforced concrete covers are round and made of concrete with natural stone aggregate of 0-4 mm and 4-8 mm granulation and steel fabric Q-503
  • concrete for cover has compressive strength of C25/30 and covers must be smooth inside and outside and have installed square openings in the middle of cover to control the flow
  • reinforced concrete covers are used for individual installation of tube covers for pits and storage basins for precipitation and faeces on roads with low axle load (up to 15 kN) and roads for pedestrians.
  • product range includes tubes of following diameters: B ø 400 mm, B ø 500 mm, B ø 600 mm, B ø 800 mm, B ø 800 mm with opening, B ø 1000 mm, B ø 1000 mm with opening

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