• revetment blocks (400/250x200 mm revetment classic D,I) are used for decoration of revetment area and for fixing the mounds of road overpasses
  • revetment blocks have prismatic shape while top surface has slanted edges.
  • blocks are produced from nonreinforced concrete in following dimensions 400/250x200 mm
  • product is made from two layer concrete i.e. top layer (glazing) and lower bearing layer (base concrete)
  • top layer may not contain cracks nor peelings and there may not be stratification i.e. separation between the layers
  • blocks are 200 mm high.
  • concrete cubes are produced without additional processing of top layer and with additional processing of top layer and must be produced from concrete type C 25/30
  • concrete blocks must be produced according to standard HRN EN 1338:2004.

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