• decoration
  • Sinus elements include one basic element of specific shape and adequate final elements that enable easy making of edging of paved surface and avoid cutting elements wherever possible
  • Rounded yet simple line of Sinus elements will ideally fit in architecture of calm lines
  • It is produced in three basic colors (natural-grey, lack and red) add two other colors (yellow, green)
  • There are two lines to offer: classic – with smooth surface and elegance – with dark colors and slightly rough surface.
  • Weight (kg/pcs): sinus 5,33
  • ending sinus 2,60
  • Consumption: sinus 26 pcs/m2
  • sinus final 3,5 pcs/m'
  • Packing: sinus 240 pcs/pallet
  • sinus final 432 pcs/pallet

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