Environment protection

Croatian Environmental Protection Act defines environmental protection as a group of appropriate activities and measures aimed at preventing environmental hazards, preventing damages and/or environmental pollutions, reducing and/or eliminating damages for environment and restoring environment to a condition prior to damages.

Our mission is to be environmentally aware and proactive neighbor on all locations. Companies of NEXE business system are all producers and as such have substantial impact on environment. Dedicated fulfillment of legal requirements, improvement of business processes and raising awareness of our employees have direct impact on prevention of environment pollution and damages.   

Main environmental impact of NEXE business system is impact on air, partly due to nature of the process and partly due to dust components in production process. Therefore, company's priority is to improve processes that can influence air emissions by installing new efficient devices and to apply  new technological solutions that enable air emission results  lower than legally prescribed. 

One of main long-term goals of NEXE business system is to reduce its carbon print by introducing changes in production process in form of alternative raw materials and fuels and highly effective production equipment.