Social responsibility

World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines social responsibility of a company as commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with people, their families, local community and society in general in order to improve their living conditions.

Nexe Group takes its social responsibility seriously and it expressed its commitment through Quality policy. Business processes have been set up in a way to achieve positive impact on society and environment and their basis represents interest of society, ethical behaviours and legal and other regulations depending on the country where companies operate and on company's core activity. 

Environment protection

Croatian Environmental Protection Act defines environmental protection as a group of appropriate activities and measures aimed at preventing environmental hazards, preventing damages and/or environmental pollutions, reducing and/or eliminating damages for environment and restoring environment to a condition prior to damages. LEARN MORE

Health and safety

Organization and implementation of health and safety in NEXE business system is based on mission, vision and strategy of the group. NEXE business system is commited to permanently improve working conditions in order to prevent occurance of accidents at work (injuries, illness, death).  LEARN MORE

Donations and sponsorships

According to its Quality policy Nexe Grupa is obliged to operate in line with principles of socially responsible operations, which among other include voluntary concern about society or local community where Nexe Grupa operates. LEARN MORE