About NEXE Group

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NEXE Group consists of 14 companies operating in Republic of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Core activity is production of construction materials: cement, concrete, aggregates, concrete elements, roof tile and brick.

NEXE Group includes companies engaged in waste management and port services.  

NEXE d.d. is a mother company of business system with its registered office in Republic of Croatia, Našice, Tajnovac 1.

Our vision

Nexe Group's vision is to be a leading producer  of construction materials, recognized for its socially responsible operations  and sustainable creation of new values ​​for its customers, owners, employees and the social community.

Our mission  

Nexe Group's mission is to  build a better future responsibly. By investing in stable and growing markets, Nexe Group wants to create a portfolio that will ensure stable growth in the coming years in the markets in the region.

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