Information about cookies


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files  which website is saving on visitors computer. They do not cause damage to your computer and enable us to provide more efficient user experience and better functioning of the website. We also use cookies to analyize activities on our website and social networks.

How do cookies serve you as a website visitor?

When you are visiting a website that you have already visited before, your chosen interner browser is sending a cookie that the webiste has  saved earlier. That enables faster website view and  browsing experience is adjusted to your needs.

Website does not have access to other files on your computer, or to information which you have not provided before as a visitor.

I don't want cookies- how to disable them?

Saving cookies on visitor's computer is legally allowed only if it is necessary for functioning of the webiste. For any other cookies, visitor's approval is required. Every visitor can decide whether he/she wants to save the cookies and which cookies he/she wants to save. There are saving and configuration settings on every internet browser. You can find more details in instructions of the internet browser you are using.

Which cookies are used on our websites?

Cookies used by website are divided in two groups. One group of cookies is required for correct functioning of the website and other group refers to cookies which provide better functioning of the website. The latter are used for website quality analysis.