• concrete cubes for pavements are made of two layer concrete i.e. top concrete layer (glazing) and lower basic layer (basic concrete)
  • top concrete layer is made of concrete made of grinded twice washed stone aggregate of 0-3 mm granulation and grinded stone aggregate of 0-8 mm granulation
  • concrete pavement cubes are produced without extra processing of top layer and with additional processing of top layer
  • they are produced in four dimensions (566/490x80 mm classic D,I
  • 566/490x200 mm classic D,I
  • 260/300x150 mm classic D,I
  • 260/300x100 mm classic D,I)
  • concrete cubes are used for paveing external traffic areas
  • shape and dimensions are created according to standard HRN EN 1338:2004.

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