Safety is a priority - secured delivery with protection measures

Today, the world is fighting the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 which put us  all before test for seriousness and responsibility. At this moment no one is exempt from this difficult and challenging period, whether it was an individual,  a company or a country, but exactly that is why  everyone can contribute and make a step toward a better tomorrow. 

All our employees and business partners took the measures introduced by Nexe Grupa in order to contribute to prevention of expansion of this serious disease seriously and they are applied by all of them and we thank them fot that. At this moment it is crucial that we all become aware of importance of adhering to all the rules of behaviour defined and issued by competent authorities in this period because by protecting ourselves we also protect our loved ones. Facing new rules is not easy. Something that was merely a routine yesterday demands careful planning today. However, this is the only way in which this serious situation  can be put under control and everyone of us can contribute. That is why we are proud of our employees who in these circumstances come to work in line with new rules and thus help us to ensure smooth production and shipment of goods. We also thank our loyal customers and partners for their patience and loyalty.
Production and business processes in our companies have been adjusted to new situation and comply with decisions and regulations of competent authorities. Delivery of goods is ensured, however we implement  enhanced protection measures of all participants in the process in order to secure their health first and to ensure process continuity in future period. Our employees are available by e-mails, mobile phones or phones or you can find their contacts by clicking on this link: Nexe Grupa - Contacts
Situation we are currently in  is new to everyone and it presents us with challenges that need patience as well as monitoring  and applying all instructions from competent authorities. In these moments we must not forget the caution but also the solidarity because by protecting ourselves we are protecting our loved ones, friends, colleagues. Therefore, let us be careful, but also help one another and build trust together even in these difficult  times.